Our studies and extra-curricular activities

They say that college life is something that one never forgets. I’m a freshman and a full-time student of the faculty of foreign languages at the Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University. Our group consists of 11 students, including our monitor.

We study two languages: English and Italian. Every member of our group feels like a real student, having a student membership carol, a student record card and a library card. Every day we have different classes: lectures, seminars or tutorials. There are so many students and so few rooms at our university that some groups have to study in the corridor. That’s why many first-year students have classes in the afternoon.

We try not to be late for classes. As a rule, almost every student of our group comes to the university five minutes before the bell rings. So we can have a chat with each other. We usually have a lot of things to talk about. After classes everybody goes home to do a real avalanche of homeworks. We have to sit up late doing it.

If one cannot cope with the work load of college he or she immediately starts lagging behind and missing classes. It’s easier to keep pace with the programme rather than to catch up with it later.

During the term we write reproductions, compositions, papers, translations. Our works are handed in and handed out. At the end of each term we have tests and an examination session. When we have passed all the tests we start sitting up for the exams. After the exams a long-awaited vacation comes.

Now I can’t say that college life is a fascinating, fantastic experience. For the moment I can compare it only with a daily routine.

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