Dora Pirate Boat

Game Description Dora the Explorer is going to find some treasures. She is on the pirate boat full pirates trying to protect their treasure.

Learn Italian WEATHER words

Learn Italian weather words: press the sound button to listen and repeat the word. Click on the picture to listen to the weather sound.

Choose the colours you like with the brush to paint:  mummy duck anв рук two little baby-ducks a cow a horse a dog a scarecrow To choose another colouring page press the yellow arrow button.    

Colouring dolls


Knock Knock Hello Lyrics and Actions ♫ Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your right hand.] Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your left hand.] Come in. [Motion to come inside.] Let’s sing. [Pretend you are singing into a microphone.] Let’s play. [Run in place.] Hello! (Hello!) [Wave with your


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